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Monster Hunter Rise – How to Fish A Popfish In Few Steps

Are tired of fishing popfish swimming under your lure? Well there’s a rock solid method from which you can easily fish a popfish in MHRise. Read on to know how you can fish a popfish.

Steps to Fish a Popfish in MHR

  • First of all head to Lava Caverns (LR or HR) fishing spot right beside the spawn point
  • Take note of the fishing area boundary – See image below


Fish a Popfish in MHRise

  • Throw your lure at the boundary where the popfish is swimming
  • Your goal is to try and isolate the popfish near this boundary while it swims towards it head-on
  • Rather than swimming under your lure, it should collide with the boundary and hopefully bite at your lure


Extra Tips
  • Getting the popfish oriented correctly so it collides with the barrier head-on may take a few tries and adjustments with your lure
  • If another fish is crowding the area you can either catch it or pull your lure just before the bite to send it speeding away

Credit: SpruceBeard

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