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MHR Overlay Download


REFramework 1.1.1
REFramework Direct2D Plugin

MHR Overlay is a Monster Hunter Rise mod that add features such as Monster UI, Time UI, Damage meter etc.

Monster UI – monster name, size, crown, current and max health,

Time UI – elapse quest time

Damage Meter UI – player name, damage, total damage.

The beginning of the monster-hunter-rise-overlay.lua file is dedicated to Customization. Open it with any text editor, adjust and change values in Customization Section according to your preference.

To simplify the customization process you can reload scripts in REFramework after each change. No need to restart the game each time. Press Insert Button to open REFramework window inside the game. REFramework -> ScriptRunner -> Reset Scripts.

Things that can be changed using MHR Overlay:

  1. Visibility of modules, elements, labels;
  2. Module positions, offsets;
  3. Bar sizes;
  4. Colors, shadows;
  5. Sorting.


How to Install MHR Overlay

1) Install REFramework

2) Install REFramework Direct2D

3) Download the mod file from the button given below

4) Place the file (monster_hunter_overlay.lua) to MonsterHunterRise/autorun folder (if autorun folder is missing, create a new one)

Final path to the mod should be like this: MonsterHunterRise/reframework/autorun/MHR_Overlay.lua).


  • Addressing the issue with Damage Meter UI not counting damage when tracked monsters parameters are changed. Please report back if this helped or not.
  • Dynamic positioning: opacity falloff, max distance. Large Monster UI: rage and stamina. Bugfixes.
  • Swapped Mini and Silver Crowns.
  • Lots of bugfixes.
  • Support for unicode languages (Japanese, Chinese, Russian etc.), changable font size, customization UI inside REFramework, config auto-save/load, small monster UI.
  • Kunai, bombs, LBG wyvernblasts, 2nd otomo, monster damages are now counted.
  • Improvements to Damage Meter UI and Monster UI: added sorting support.
  • Damage Meter is now fully featured, capable of showing all players in multiplayer. Credits to coavins.
  • Initial Release: Monster Health, Quest Time, Damage Meter

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