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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Use Your Palico In Multiplayer

A lot of gamers are noting that Palicoes are being disabled when joining the multiplayer hunt but the actual case is different. This guide will explain how your buddy has been chosen and how you can change them easily.

Buddy Selection
When you join in a multiplayer quest in MHRise, you only take one buddy with you as opposed to two when you question solo. You take current buddy whichever is in Buddy Slot 1 and which is by default is your Palamute from character creation. If you unable to find Palicoes in multiplayer quest then your fellow hunter haven’t changed their buddies or they might have changed that slot for another Palamute.

If you wish to take your Palico into multiplayer rather than your Palamute then this is easy to set up:

  • Visit the Buddy Board in either your room or Buddy Plaza.
  • Select Buddy 1.
  • Select Palicoes.
  • Select your desired Palico.

If you want to keep the same two buddies and merely change their sots this will be done automatically if you chose your current Buddy 2 to place in the first slot.

Credit: DakotaThrice

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