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REFramework Direct2D Download


REFramework 1.1.1

Reframework D2D is a plugin for Reframework that adds Direct2D scripting APIs. Using this plugin you can improve font rendering, support for Unicode rendering and updating at a lower rate than every frame (to lower the overall performance impact of overlay style scripts).

How to Install REFramework Direct2D

1) Download and extract file from the download button given below
2) Copy the /reframework/ folder into your MonsterHunterRise directory.
3) Make sure reframework-d2d.dll is in the games /reframework/plugins/ directory.
4) Make sure reframework-d2d.lua is in the games /reframework/autorun/ directory.


Improved alpha blending.

– Fixed a freeze that could happen when an error occurred inside one of the `d2d.register` functions. 
– Improved error handling and reporting in general.
– Added reframework-d2d.lua to let users customize the max update rate for the plugin.
– Increased the default update rate from 30hz to 60hz.

Initial release on nexus.

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